Thursday Watercolors at Double Dip Gallery


Every Thursday at 10 a.m., a group of artists descends upon Double Dip Gallery armed with their watercolor supplies and an urge to widen their artistic horizons. Tony Segale, owner of the gallery and watercolor teacher, warmly greets them and invites them inside. This group of artists spend the day working on their own individual water color projects, all with their own unique style. Tony also uses this class time to work on personal projects, and students benefit by seeing his creative process. Occasionally, a question asked will prompt Tony to have the painters come forward and he will demonstrate a different technique or method for them. Tony encourages peer critique, and asks the students to display their work to the entire class for feedback. Our goal is for this gallery to be an honest and encouraging space for these artists to create.

Tony Segale and the Double Dip Gallery Team invite you to join us every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for our Thursday Watercolor group. All skill levels are welcome, just note that this class is less instructional and more about working independently with tips and tricks along the way.

If you’d like more information – or if you’re ready to sign up – please give the gallery a call at (209) 365-3344, or email us at

We look forward to meeting you and having you be a part of this wonderful group of watercolor artists!

Espresso Craze

Let’s be honest – you’re a whole different person before you have your caffeine. That little bit of liquid gold just turns any day around and puts you in the best mood. You know what’s better than your regular ol’cup of joe? The creamy, complex flavors found in a rich little shot of espresso. That mighty little espresso shot can be enjoyed so many different ways… Feeling adventurous? Take that double shot straight from the machine. Feeling fancy? Get your milk extra foamy and layered on for a divine cappuccino. Want a sweeter treat? Steam up some milk but keep the foam to a minimum; have it poured over the espresso, maybe even with some latte art – while you’re at it add a little (or a lot) chocolate and enjoy a delicious mocha.

Want to know Segale’s Double Dip Gallery’s favorite combo? We like to start with the best quality whole espresso beans around, which can be found at Trail Coffee Roasters in Downtown Stockton. Grind those beans up fresh when you’re ready to enjoy them, and pull the most beautiful espresso shot you’ve ever seen – golden brown with flecks of robust flavor, melting into a deep, dark chocolate brown. Now, here’s the fun part: take a hefty scoop of high quality, delicious (arguably THE MOST DELICIOUS) Vanilla Bean ice cream made from scratch in Sacramento by Gunther’s, and pour those espresso shots over it! This sweet concoction is lovingly named Affogato, Italian for “drowned”. Take the same ingredients and blend it up, you get a caffeine packed milkshake, also referred to as a Frullato.

Find all of these drinks, treats, and more at Double Dip Gallery, located at 222 West Pine Street in Downtown Lodi. We have baristas on staff with 3+ years of experience ready to hand craft you anything from an Americano to an Affogato. And where else can you enjoy ice cream, espresso, and the fine art of local artist Tony Segale all under one roof? Double Dip Gallery is the place.

Tony Segale’s Watercolor Workshop Disciplined Engagement- 3 Consecutive Saturdays

 October 1 & October 8 & October 15
Can you discipline yourself to creativity? Can you engage yourself with the pigment, water and paper?  Can you submit to three consecutive Saturdays in October?
There is nothing to be frightened of, we can face our challenges together, choosing our colors, shapes and directions for a haunting experience. Do you have a spooky idea – a recreation of a landscape, a home or an individual person you would like to render in a ghostly image? Then join us for three Saturdays in a row.
9am to 3pm – Oct. 1,8, & 15, 2016
We will take an hour lunch break at noon. And for our horrifying efforts, we will take a coffin and ice cream break towards the end of each day.
Tony will demonstrate and then you can paint, with plenty of time for individual guidance.. At the end of our day we will review the finer points of our paintings, and leave the evil spirits at the grave.
Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount when you both sign up! For more information or questions email or call Tony at 209-642-0009.

Sparkle & Shine with Jeannie Vodden


“Sparkle & Shine” Watercolor Workshop

with Jeannie Vodden

Where: Double Dip Gallery

222 W. Pine Street, Lodi

When:  August, 9 – 11

Class fee: $250

Let’s study how to paint shiny surfaces…  silver, glass, chrome…  It’s always fun to see the surface of an object come to life on the page.  Jeannie will help you see and translate paint on paper into the illusion of shine.  A design and photo reference will be provided, but students may use their own photo, if desired.

  All participates need to register with Double Dip Gallery in order to reserve your spot. 209-365-3344 or

59th Stockton Art League Juried Exhibition



Congratulations to “Butter Brickle, Oreo, Vanilla Bean”, this original watercolor by Tony Segale was accepted into the 59th Stockton Art League Juried Exhibition at the Haggin Museum. You can check out the ladies during the exhibit located at:

The Haggin Museum- Victory Park – Stockton 1201 N. Pershing Ave Stockton, CA 95203

Exhibition Dates: July 7, 2016 – September 11,2016

This land is my land, This land is your land.


California Farmland Exhibition

featured at

Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery

Throughout the month of June

Waking up at the same time as the sun rises its head from its night of rest, prepared to brighten the day of those in need of its light. Readying yourself for the day with a shower and cup of joe to keep your legs moving and your eyes open, you walk outside to work the land. The seeds you have sown have grown into little sprouts of what’s to come, the hay you have stacked glistens in the distance like a golden mirage. The sky begins to refine its self from a night of dark blue to a tinge of pinks and oranges while the clouds appear as giant cotton candy, until the sun is fully risen and the light and bright blue of the day have finally made their way to the forefront. How lucky you are! How amazing a farmland can be! The perfect backdrop that leaves you thinking how could something be so purely beautiful in a world of trouble and need. Appreciate our California Farmland for what it is, which is simple and unadulterated. An artist can not help ones self from wanting to master and recreate such an image to be viewed by those who may not know the wonderful scene we get to wake up to in our beautiful town, or just as a reminder on your wall that no matter what life throws at you, there is still beauty all around.


We know you miss them…


The gallery cows everyone loves so much will be back as a small part of our next exhibit, “California Farmlands”. This new exhibit will showcase the side of California that has made Lodi so prosperous. It will also give the residents of this beautiful state a new appreciation for the place they call “home”.  Join us at Double Dip Gallery for the First Friday Art Hop on June 3 for opening night of “California Farmlands”. Stay tuned for more details about our next exhibit and be sure to stop by the gallery to view our current one, “Ten Years After, the Walldogs”. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and “like” us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all gallery moos news.