This land is my land, This land is your land.


California Farmland Exhibition

featured at

Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery

Throughout the month of June

Waking up at the same time as the sun rises its head from its night of rest, prepared to brighten the day of those in need of its light. Readying yourself for the day with a shower and cup of joe to keep your legs moving and your eyes open, you walk outside to work the land. The seeds you have sown have grown into little sprouts of what’s to come, the hay you have stacked glistens in the distance like a golden mirage. The sky begins to refine its self from a night of dark blue to a tinge of pinks and oranges while the clouds appear as giant cotton candy, until the sun is fully risen and the light and bright blue of the day have finally made their way to the forefront. How lucky you are! How amazing a farmland can be! The perfect backdrop that leaves you thinking how could something be so purely beautiful in a world of trouble and need. Appreciate our California Farmland for what it is, which is simple and unadulterated. An artist can not help ones self from wanting to master and recreate such an image to be viewed by those who may not know the wonderful scene we get to wake up to in our beautiful town, or just as a reminder on your wall that no matter what life throws at you, there is still beauty all around.


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