Espresso Craze

Let’s be honest – you’re a whole different person before you have your caffeine. That little bit of liquid gold just turns any day around and puts you in the best mood. You know what’s better than your regular ol’cup of joe? The creamy, complex flavors found in a rich little shot of espresso. That mighty little espresso shot can be enjoyed so many different ways… Feeling adventurous? Take that double shot straight from the machine. Feeling fancy? Get your milk extra foamy and layered on for a divine cappuccino. Want a sweeter treat? Steam up some milk but keep the foam to a minimum; have it poured over the espresso, maybe even with some latte art – while you’re at it add a little (or a lot) chocolate and enjoy a delicious mocha.

Want to know Segale’s Double Dip Gallery’s favorite combo? We like to start with the best quality whole espresso beans around, which can be found at Trail Coffee Roasters in Downtown Stockton. Grind those beans up fresh when you’re ready to enjoy them, and pull the most beautiful espresso shot you’ve ever seen – golden brown with flecks of robust flavor, melting into a deep, dark chocolate brown. Now, here’s the fun part: take a hefty scoop of high quality, delicious (arguably THE MOST DELICIOUS) Vanilla Bean ice cream made from scratch in Sacramento by Gunther’s, and pour those espresso shots over it! This sweet concoction is lovingly named Affogato, Italian for “drowned”. Take the same ingredients and blend it up, you get a caffeine packed milkshake, also referred to as a Frullato.

Find all of these drinks, treats, and more at Double Dip Gallery, located at 222 West Pine Street in Downtown Lodi. We have baristas on staff with 3+ years of experience ready to hand craft you anything from an Americano to an Affogato. And where else can you enjoy ice cream, espresso, and the fine art of local artist Tony Segale all under one roof? Double Dip Gallery is the place.

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