Art Hop

A vibrant community event celebrating art!

The Art Hop is BACK! And better than ever!
Stop by on the FIRST Saturday of every month, at participating locations from 2:00pm-5:00pm, to see local artist and musicians!

May 2022 Feature: Breakthrough for Social Justice

Lodi Art Hop Fine Art Competition

Breakthrough Project offers three art scholarships to high school students that take part in the competition. The scholarships are held in honor of David Hill, an original founder of the Breakthrough Project. The theme of the competitive pieces differs every year however, stays in stride with breakthroughs core values. Students that compete in the competition are encouraged to submit an original artistic piece of any medium that fits the submission guidelines. There, a selection committee votes on the piece whose artistic merit, best fits the theme selected.




Artists wishing to exhibit their art at a First Friday Art Hop are asked to contact one of the locations above. Businesses wishing to participate as an Art Hop venue please contact Stacey 

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