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November 2022 Feature: Tracy Abbey, “I’m Over The Moon About You”

Show Title: “I’m Over the Moon About You!”
By Tracy Abbey 
Artist Bio:
Artist Biography
~Tracy Abbey Art~


Tracy Abbey was born and raised in South Africa and developed a love for art and creating from a young age, watching her mother, maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, all creatives who encouraged her to express her talents, which she showed especially in photo realistic nature based oil pastel and oil paint, with the subject matter of African Animals and landscapes. She went on to study art formerly both in high school, in college and in private lessons.

After graduating college with a BA in education she taught school in South Africa and shared her love of art and creating with her students, until in 2001 at the age of 26 she immigrated to the USA where she has lived for the past 21 years. Traveling around the country and calling many places her home from California to Wyoming. She’s farmed and raised livestock, owned a Montessori school, taught art in a myriad of different ways and is currently living in Lodi California on a little 2 acre homestead with her significant other the love of a lifetime and their blended family of 3 kiddos, with hundreds of acres of vineyards around them, the only thing breaking the silence is their roosters crowing. She has been featured with her kiddos doing her Friday Kids Online Free Paint-a-long art show with Cody Stark on Good Day Sacramento, and her paint at home art kits and original art work can currently be found in local stores and a local Gallery, as well as local vendor fairs and on social media where she teaches art to kids and adults through her online memberships.

How She Spends her days:
She spends her days homesteading, gardening her permaculture food forest, making tinctures and partaking in the Old Ways and old world skills of caning, baking, preserving, taking care of her 3 kiddos, keeping house along side her significant other able to enjoy the freedoms her entrepreneurial activities of her Mobile Art Studio and Fine Art Sales and Commissions enable her: she is able to take her kiddo to and from school, attend her children’s schooling and sporting events and chase after a very active household of kids, chickens, dogs, cats, her sidekick shitzu Jewels, a bearded dragon and a pair of cockatiels Batman and Joker who often make an appearance if not in person in song during her lives online.

Artist Statement!
I am a jill of many trades…probably a master of none, as I love to dabble in all forms or arts and crafts, and homesteading skills, with a little witchy woo woo Magic in all that I do. It is said that the techniques and skills used over hundreds of years, have become embedded in our DNA. So through the process of being one with nature and allowing exploration through the medium I am using at hand, I connect with my ancestors, guides and spirit. Along with a connection to crafters and creatives around the world, my work is a way for me to commemorate the memories of my grandmothers and grandfathers, and my mother who passed on their deep love of the arts to me, a love for the land and growing things, using their hands to heal and create…to bring connection to soul…to share love and kindness, and spread a little Magic and healing into the world one brush stroke at a time.

My designs are inspired by the laws of nature and the forms found in the woo woo the connections between the sciences and spirituality. Connection to spirit and to one’s higher self. There are universal laws that magic lives within, form, shape, color, pattern and cycles, I work to represent the meeting of art and science….connection with self and discovering the magic that is all around us daily in the mundane.



October 2022 Feature: Tony Segale ~ Weird and Quirky

About the Artist:

Tony Segale’s artistic endeavors started in childhood, doodling ideas and images both fitting and unsuitable, and cartooning for the school newspaper. Primarily self taught, he began hand lettering signs and pictorials as a side gig during his first career in the retail meat trade. Switching to a new endeavor as a full time commercial artist, Tony specializes in reverse glass gold leaf and large format murals, with watercolors being utilized in the creation of maquettes and design. Soon, he found himself expressing his own observations with a twist of what ought to be.

Tony considers himself an abstract realism painter, original interpretations created in his graphic bravado style. “Every creative action risks failure. If the risks are little, the reward is little”

Tony likes to paint plein air, or work from sketches on location then re-imagined in the studio. He teaches workshops in the study of watercolor, drawing, brush lettering and reverse glass gold leaf.


Artists wishing to exhibit their art at a First Friday Art Hop are asked to contact one of the locations above. Businesses wishing to participate as an Art Hop venue please contact Stacey 

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