January In The Gallery


Creativity is the passion of the soul.

Jewels & Transcendent Ideas


Our first exhibition for 2016 is a true expression
of an artist’s passion for creativity.
Two jewelry artisans, skilled at their craft,
display pieces of unique quality:
Allison Lynn Couture of Honolulu,
and Megan Van Houten of Lodi.
Their dazzling display is coupled
with an expressive abstract painting exhibit
by Tony Segale.


Tony Segale’s
Double Dip Gallery
222 West Pine Street (209) 365-3344
Jewels & Transcendent Ideas
will be on display from Jan 8 thru Feb 14.

2016 Calendar of Exhibitions and more…
can be found on our website http://www.doubledipgallery.com
and look for more announcements during the year, as the Double Dip Gallery has more special events and workshops currently in the planning process. Something to delight all your senses!

Flavor of the Month
Gunther’s Ice Cream has created a brand new flavor for the month of January,
Caramel Almond Berry… chocolate covered blueberries, cherries and cranberries mixed with a carmel swirl in toasted almond ice cream. What a way to start of the new year, see you soon!

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