Important Facts About The Holidays at Double Dip Gallery


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December is the month of the “Busy Bee-ness”, alright so that might not actually be a term, but we just made it one. Running around trying to get traveling arrangements cleared, figure out how many extra bodies are going to be roaming around your living space, and desperately searching for a gift that your fellow companion will not hate and might actually love. Thankfully for you Double Dip Gallery has some fun facts to help ease the holiday storm going on in your head right now, first thing you should know…
10AM- 3PM
Why is this important? FOR MANY REASONS! You know all those extra extended family members just hanging out not knowing what to do with themselves while everyone else prepares dinner? SEND THEM OUR WAY. We have a world of all kinds of art for them to discover in this little town of Lodi. Remember how there is always something, someone forgot for the meal…like lets say..dessert? Double Dip Gallery offers HAND PACKED ice cream to take home and serve in the comfort of your own home. Need a bit of a breather, maybe some silence, or just a mood adjuster? You can sneak out to grab a cone and stare into a watercolor painting by Tony Segale, try to figure out what the artist was thinking and feeling while painting such a serene scene like the image above of Tony’s “Escape After Dawn”.

Going on from today 12/15 thru Christmas, Double Dip Gallery’s Vintage Arcane Collection will offer a 20% discount on all its items.
If you would like to give the gift of ice cream but do not want to deal with the mess of a melted cone in the little ones stockings, then you can come grab a roll of Double Dip Gallery Wooden Dollars instead, the equivalent of a gift card.

Gunther’s Egg Nog

It has been a whirlwind of egg nog believers snatching up our egg nog as soon as it makes it to the shop, if you know that you will be in need of a few bottles of egg nog please let us know so we can sign you up on our list.

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