Holiday Joy

The holiday season is upon us, some may jump for joy and some may hide in their house in fear of hearing yet another Christmas song. Either way, if you are Santa’s little helper or a Ba-humbug lets remember that this season is a good time to spend with family and friends. We get so caught up during the year with work, kids, school, appointments, etc. Sometimes we only have the holidays to be around those who might live far away or can only get this time of year off work, so let’s try to put differences aside, leave drama at the door, and instead just show love to those we care about even if they might get on your very last nerve! You just never know if this season will be someones last so enjoy those around you and share the love.

Herald by Mardie Dalzell Driftmier 10"x10" Framed Original Pastel
Herald by Mardie Dalzell Driftmier 10″x10″ Framed Original Pastel

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