Hal’s Curious Find-Stories of the Odd.

It was a chilly autumn afternoon, walking down the quiet downtown streets of my quaint little town, when I saw a sparkle out of the corner of my eye. What could this interesting glimmer be? Approaching slowly I realize that the gold on the windows and the neon of the sign could not be what caught my eye although beautiful and intricate as those and the painting on the outside wall were, it was something a little stranger that was catching my attention. Peering through into what was called the Double Dip Gallery’s window I see an array of glass fingers, dead bugs, painting of human x-rays, fall like abstracts, and the piece that brought me over to this curious shop. A crystal chandelier, but not one that you would see in some uppity home, no it was more like something you would see in a haunted mansion for it had skulls at the ends of its delicate lace ends. What was this place? It looks like it could be an art gallery, but not your regular old kind, a unique place..a strange place..a curious place…a very odd place….

Creations by Mira Woodworth
A creation from Mira Woodworth for Double Dip Gallery’s Oddities & Curiosity Show in October

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