No More Procrastination

I have a vision. This vision will have something to do with me completing a task, project,goal, or dream. I will be splendidly happy in every way, everything goes perfectly, I love whatever it is that I’m doing, and then I realize that it is just a vision. I day-dream a lot, possibly more than a single person I know, I can not know that for a fact but I can assume. I live in my head, everything great happens there, plus it helps keep away the anxiety of another day in reality. Something I have recently discovered is I am only hurting myself with these visions, I simply do not have to put effort into actually accomplishing my wants and needs, if I’m dreaming about them and they are going so great. Basically, I need to start taking action steps to LIVE my life. Baby steps seem like a good way to start, everyone will tell you baby steps work, and if you are a Bill Murray “What about Bob?” fan then you should be convinced baby steps are the way to go. However, baby steps I find are just an excuse I use to not fully dive into whatever it is that I would love to be doing but too lazy to start. I am finally getting inspired to accomplish my goals, to reach for the stars, and to remember that I am capable of more than I even know. Which is why I am going to take big girl steps, adult steps, fearless steps, steps that will lead me to bigger and better things in this world that I have not experienced yet. I encourage every one of any age to step up to the plate for their own life, to put the effort into being happy, and to being able to say that no matter what fears I might have had I still went through with (whatever it is) and came out a better me then I was before.

By Tony Segale
By Tony Segale

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