Do you think about the words you put out into the universe? The words that you say to a friend, client, or co-worker. How about thoughts that you figure no one needs to know, they are just your thoughts, you can choose to share them or not. Do you think about what those thoughts are doing to you personally? I just read a book by the author Florence Scovel Shinn titled The Secret Door To Success. Based on the title I figured it would be a bunch of hocus pocus telling me to go buy a new desk and fancy chair because that will help me get prepared to make a million dollars, or something along those lines. However, it actually made plenty of sense and inspired me to have a positive thinking pattern. While reading the book I realized how all my insecurities and all those times I felt like hiding in a box in a dark corner were really just my negative thoughts eating away at me. Negative thoughts can tear a city apart, that is how powerful those thoughts are and little O’ Me (you) can be destroyed by them. It is time to be confident in all we do, no matter if it is our career, taking care of loved ones, creating a beautiful art piece, diving into something we have always wanted to do but too scared to start, or opening a new business. Be confident, sounds easy, but it can be incredibly difficult. Let’s start small, next time a negative thought comes to mind, or a bad memory, think of the opposite. A happy time in your life, a positive outlook on a bad situation, reasons why you should not be worried. All of those thoughts get you back on track even if it is just for the next ten minutes or for the whole day. Eventually you can train your brain to start thinking a different way, a positive, happy, confident and inspiring way. Let’s get INSPIRED!

Tony Segale- Watercolor
Tony Segale- Watercolor

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