Imagination On Paper


Writing can be a mind melting experience. Grand ideas seem to seep into your brain while in line at a grocery store, but as soon as you sit down with your glass of wine and inspiring music breezing in from the background, you completely forget a single letter you were about to type or write. In need of inspiration? I have found that certain works of art can inspire in me great tales, it can be as simple as being bored, deciding to take a walk, seeing an interesting store front, walking in, and finding a piece of art that calls to you. It doesn’t have to be a painting you would hang over your fireplace, it actually does not even need to be something you understand, but once in a while it is a painting of a dream you swear you once walked into. Discovering art is in form discovering a part of yourself. You can share the experience of course with comments on what you like or do not like, but even better than that you can take a trip down the road of your imagination, learning new aspects of your personality you didn’t even know were there, or you can come upon a fantastic idea you came up with months ago and completely forgot about until a certain shading of a watercolor leaf brings it back to the forefront of your mind. Art is what you make it, art can mean many specific and different subjects to many different and unique people. Take some time to walk through the Gallery taking what you want from each painting you gaze in to, creating a story of sorts, your own way in your own mind, just for you. A great escape, a gallery can be.

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