Platt Pottery by Suzanne Platt

Double Dip Gallery is pleased to announce that we have a new line of pottery by one of our loyal and gifted workshop & ice cream participates that has turned into a fellow artist here in the Gallery. Suzanne Platt has graced us with her functional art that can be used for decor but also can be useful; in the bathroom holding make-up brushes, in the living room with a little potpourri to keep the place smelling fresh, or as a candle holder in the bedroom. In her own words…

Why I Choose Pottery by Suzanne Platt

Stillness as my mind imagines a new idea.

Happiness as a new piece begins.

A journey to understanding myself as I move through the process.

Something solid that I can hold in my hands.

Wonder & surprise every time I open the kiln.

and it is joy when others appreciate something I have made.

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