Field Trips At Double Dip Gallery

Are you trying to find a fun way to educate your classroom on the world of art? Double Dip Gallery has a solution for you… a field trip to a fine art gallery & studio that just happens to serve ice cream. Your children will get the chance to explore the watercolors, pastels, acrylics, and gold leaf works of local talented artists. Interest in art varies from each age range, it is always something great to teach at any grade, but no matter the interest level, kids are not going to turn down the chance to get a scoop of ice cream (and let’s be honest, neither are the adults).
If this sounds like a fantastic idea for your school please feel free to contact Double Dip Gallery for more information or to book a field trip for your class. Field trips will be arranged by appointment so that we are sure to be available at your considered time.

Double Dip Gallery is located at 222 W. Pine Street, across from City Hall in Lodi, CA. 209-365-3344/

Field Trip At DDG

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