Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Usually you can get great deals like two dollar beers or half off well drinks, or if you’re not a drinker then you can partake in five dollar appetizers depending on where you are enjoying these snacks. Well, we got something even better for you, that everyone can enjoy! Double Dip Gallery is now doing daily HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS! $1.50 for a single scoop of our delicious Gunther’s special ice cream for the day sounds pretty good to us, and that is just the beginning, who knows what we will do next?! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to see what HAPPY HOUR DEAL we are offering each day.

Sunflower by Jeannie Vodden  20" x 27" Framed Giclee Print
Sunflower by Jeannie Vodden
20″ x 27″ Framed
Giclee Print

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