Summer Lovin’

Summer is calling, the sun is burning, the streets are hot, and people are coming out of their homes to catch some rays. There is no better time for an art gallery that serves ice cream and fruit freezes to be around. Farmers Market has started up on Thursday nights drawing the crowd to downtown Lodi, which is where we are located at 222 W. Pine Street. We have our first artist of the month on display, Tony Segale. But, we will soon be switching one exhibit out for another, Mardie Dalzell Driftmier is next in line with her show titled ” The Nature Of Things”. If the crowds were to swarm our way they would not be disappointed, there are some clever ways to keep cool, such as snacking on a Real Fruit Freeze. The art could be your entertainment, while keeping you safe from the blistering sun! All in all Double Dip Gallery seems like a great place to spend your summer days or nights, with family or alone!

Never and Always Mardie Dalzell Driftmier 25" x 33" framed original pastel $475
Never and Always
Mardie Dalzell Driftmier
25″ x 33″ framed
original pastel

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