Artist Highlights- Jeannie Vodden

Jeannie Vodden’s interest in the variety of textures and patterns found in both natural and man-made objects is the starting point for most of her paintings. She adds natural light, sometimes a figure, occasionally a dash of fantasy, and pulls it all together with a limited palette. Her preference for the complex play of form and light is balanced by her use of a very simple palette. Jeannie is a popular instructor of watercolor. She has taught workshops throughout California and out-of-state for 19 years and she teaches regular classes at University Art in Sacramento. In Jeannie’s words, ” My desire is to combine a child’s sense of wonder with an experienced artist’s hand.”

  Glass Effects 18"x 18" Framed Original  Watercolor              $475 Double Dip Gallery
Glass Effects
18″x 18″ Framed Original
Double Dip Gallery

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