Tony Segale’s Open Studio-Saturday, April 18


You can venture into the world of an artist while they are releasing their gifted talents onto their canvas. Our first Open Studio Saturday will be held this weekend, featuring Tony Segale. As he demonstrates what it is like to go through the creative process, you will be able to be a fly on the wall learning techniques and witnessing the birth of a painting of Tony’s choosing. Feel free to wander the gallery choosing your own favorite paintings from our Hypothetically Speaking Exhibit, while checking in on our artist as he opens his mind and let’s the depths of within fall out onto his paper.

Wine Stroll- April 18th- Introducing Michael David Winery Petite Petit Sorbet


Double Dip Gallery was lucky enough to get on the map for Lodi’s “Wine In Bloom” Wine Stroll coming up this weekend April 18th from 6pm-9pm. How did an Art & Ice Cream Gallery become a part of a wine tasting stroll? We had a clever trick up our sleeve, by teaming up with local Michael David Winery and Gunthers we were able to bring you Petite Petit Sorbet. It is a refreshing take on wine, here to help you keep that stamina up for all the walking you will be doing around downtown Lodi. Double Dip Gallery will also have a table set up on School Street where you can sign up for our Wine Stroll Raffle.

“Drills, Spills & Thrills” Beginning Watercolor Expressions with Tony Segale-June 9,10 &11


A fun class for beginners to intermediate students interested in watercolor media. Basic exercises will begin our adventure, the same technique you will use to create an entire painting. Tony will demonstrate and then you can paint, with plenty of time for individual guidance. We will explore color, technique, value and design principles. The three-day workshop will be held from 9am-4pm.

$250.00 for three day workshop, 10% discount for you and your friend that you bring.

For more information or to sign up contact Tony at

or 209-642-0009

Jeannie Vodden’s Watercolor Workshop-May 5-7

jeannie painting

Jeannie Vodden’s Floral and Still Life “Translucent Layers” three-day workshop will be held at Double Dip Gallery on May 5, 6 & 7 from 9am-4pm. You will get the chance to come and learn from Jeannie as she demonstrates and teaches watercolor techniques using a limited palette of transparent staining color. Students may bring their own photo reference. Jeannie will also bring a photo reference of her demo painting which students may use to practice. The workshop will include watercolor demonstrations, plenty of painting time, individual attention and gentle critiques. For further information email

Tony Segale’s Abstract Watercolor Workshop-April 21,22 & 23

Did you know Double Dip Gallery offers art workshops taught by are gallery artists? You have the chance to learn from scratch or brush up on your already talented skills with these multi-day classes. Coming up on April 21st is Tony Segale’s Abstract Watercolor Workshop, starting with a sense of design, you will create a composition for your painting. Then you can challenge your feelings and render your emotions with shapes, texture, color, values, line and direction. Abstract painting is a journey, sometimes lost, and then found again. “For me, abstracts have a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens, and the unforeseeable that which your painting becomes”, Tony Segale. Class starts at 9am, ending at 4pm with a 45-60min lunch in between. Contact us at or 209-642-0009 for more information or to sign up.

Ladie’s Night- April 15

Ladie's NightApril 15th will be Double Dip Gallery’s third Ladie’s Night featuring Barbara’s Boutique. We love having Jeniffer Pulido and her fabulous fashion in the gallery for the ladies who just need to get out of the house or go out on the town after work. You get to enjoy your girlfriends company, while picking out a new summer dress, in a beautiful fine art setting, and indulging in some delicious ice cream with no guilt…because it’s LADIE’S NIGHT and that is what you are supposed to do!

Tony Segale’s Mini Brush Lettering Demo

Open 7 Days A Week

Double Dip Gallery is pleased to announce that we are now open 7 days a week. We were previously closed on Mondays but have decided to open our doors to all, on every day of the week. Come visit us from Noon-8pm & Fri-Sat Noon-9pm at 222 W. Pine Street Lodi,CA across from City Hall.

DDG Apron1

Adorn Those You Adore

If you are reading this post that means you made it through the times you either love or hate, the holidays. It’s time to recollect ourselves, do some cleaning, and get some rest. January is the PERFECT time to just get back on track with life for most people. You may be thinking thank goodness all the present shopping is over, but guess what…here comes February. Does it ever end?!?! Luckily, giving can bring much joy to the heart, it’s a good feeling to see some one you care about light up after opening a gift they received from you. So let’s take the time to find  the perfect, unique, creative, and inspiring present for the one we love. Remember, you do not need a hallmark holiday to give to those you adore, sometimes it’s the random surprises that make the most impact.


Holiday Hours

We want to help out our wonderful customers by making sure you know you have somewhere to shop even if it is last minute for the holidays. We will be open this Monday (12/22) from 12pm-7pm (which is normally the one day we close for the week). Even better than that we WILL BE OPEN Christmas Eve from 12pm-5pm. However, Christmas Day don’t come a knockin’ because we will be closed and home with our families. Merry Christmas to all!

Charlie the Fancy Snowman.

Charlie the Fancy Snowman.