Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Usually you can get great deals like two dollar beers or half off well drinks, or if you’re not a drinker then you can partake in five dollar appetizers depending on where you are enjoying these snacks. Well, we got something even better for you, that everyone can enjoy! Double Dip Gallery is now doing daily HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS! $1.50 for a single scoop of our delicious Gunther’s special ice cream for the day sounds pretty good to us, and that is just the beginning, who knows what we will do next?! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to see what HAPPY HOUR DEAL we are offering each day.

Sunflower by Jeannie Vodden  20" x 27" Framed Giclee Print

Sunflower by Jeannie Vodden
20″ x 27″ Framed
Giclee Print


Fourth of July is a great reminder that we are free to do as we please! Of course there will always be rules and regulations to what we are able to do or should do or not do, but just the thought that we are free to do the good that our heart aspires is a great feeling. In most cases we hold ourselves back from doing some things that might make us happy because of someone or something else in our life, but remember that you have the ability to make your dreams come true, to turn your thoughts and wants into reality, and you are free to achieve these goals! Putting a little bit of effort and possibly some hard work into your wants is always necessary but if it means enough to you then you won’t think about that part because you will be so happy with the result, even if the result is not what you thought it would be, at least you tried! Sometimes just trying is good enough to put a smile on your face. :) Happy Fourth of July!!

Key To Happiness By Jeannie Vodden 16" x 20" framed Original Watercolor             $475

Key To Happiness
By Jeannie Vodden
16″ x 20″ framed
Original Watercolor

No More Procrastination

I have a vision. This vision will have something to do with me completing a task, project,goal, or dream. I will be splendidly happy in every way, everything goes perfectly, I love whatever it is that I’m doing, and then I realize that it is just a vision. I day-dream a lot, possibly more than a single person I know, I can not know that for a fact but I can assume. I live in my head, everything great happens there, plus it helps keep away the anxiety of another day in reality. Something I have recently discovered is I am only hurting myself with these visions, I simply do not have to put effort into actually accomplishing my wants and needs, if I’m dreaming about them and they are going so great. Basically, I need to start taking action steps to LIVE my life. Baby steps seem like a good way to start, everyone will tell you baby steps work, and if you are a Bill Murray “What about Bob?” fan then you should be convinced baby steps are the way to go. However, baby steps I find are just an excuse I use to not fully dive into whatever it is that I would love to be doing but too lazy to start. I am finally getting inspired to accomplish my goals, to reach for the stars, and to remember that I am capable of more than I even know. Which is why I am going to take big girl steps, adult steps, fearless steps, steps that will lead me to bigger and better things in this world that I have not experienced yet. I encourage every one of any age to step up to the plate for their own life, to put the effort into being happy, and to being able to say that no matter what fears I might have had I still went through with (whatever it is) and came out a better me then I was before.

By Tony Segale

By Tony Segale


Do you think about the words you put out into the universe? The words that you say to a friend, client, or co-worker. How about thoughts that you figure no one needs to know, they are just your thoughts, you can choose to share them or not. Do you think about what those thoughts are doing to you personally? I just read a book by the author Florence Scovel Shinn titled The Secret Door To Success. Based on the title I figured it would be a bunch of hocus pocus telling me to go buy a new desk and fancy chair because that will help me get prepared to make a million dollars, or something along those lines. However, it actually made plenty of sense and inspired me to have a positive thinking pattern. While reading the book I realized how all my insecurities and all those times I felt like hiding in a box in a dark corner were really just my negative thoughts eating away at me. Negative thoughts can tear a city apart, that is how powerful those thoughts are and little O’ Me (you) can be destroyed by them. It is time to be confident in all we do, no matter if it is our career, taking care of loved ones, creating a beautiful art piece, diving into something we have always wanted to do but too scared to start, or opening a new business. Be confident, sounds easy, but it can be incredibly difficult. Let’s start small, next time a negative thought comes to mind, or a bad memory, think of the opposite. A happy time in your life, a positive outlook on a bad situation, reasons why you should not be worried. All of those thoughts get you back on track even if it is just for the next ten minutes or for the whole day. Eventually you can train your brain to start thinking a different way, a positive, happy, confident and inspiring way. Let’s get INSPIRED!

Tony Segale- Watercolor

Tony Segale- Watercolor

Mardie Dalzell Driftmier- The Nature Of Things

The month of June brings National Dairy Month and a new exhibit with it. Mardie specializes in pastel paintings, she has a beautiful outlook on nature and if you are a fan of color then you will be a fan of Mardie. Double Dip Gallery will be hosting her show which kicks off at 6 pm tonight! Everyone is welcome to come in, meet the artist, and fall in love with her artwork. Plus you can grab yourself a fruit freeze or sundae to end your night on the right note.

          UP 10" x 10" framed    original pastel            $225

10″ x 10″ framed
original pastel

      Wary Gander II     10" x 10" framed        original pastel                $225

Wary Gander II
10″ x 10″ framed
original pastel

Royalty 10" x 10" framed original pastel $225

10″ x 10″ framed
original pastel

Summer Lovin’

Summer is calling, the sun is burning, the streets are hot, and people are coming out of their homes to catch some rays. There is no better time for an art gallery that serves ice cream and fruit freezes to be around. Farmers Market has started up on Thursday nights drawing the crowd to downtown Lodi, which is where we are located at 222 W. Pine Street. We have our first artist of the month on display, Tony Segale. But, we will soon be switching one exhibit out for another, Mardie Dalzell Driftmier is next in line with her show titled ” The Nature Of Things”. If the crowds were to swarm our way they would not be disappointed, there are some clever ways to keep cool, such as snacking on a Real Fruit Freeze. The art could be your entertainment, while keeping you safe from the blistering sun! All in all Double Dip Gallery seems like a great place to spend your summer days or nights, with family or alone!

Never and Always Mardie Dalzell Driftmier 25" x 33" framed original pastel $475

Never and Always
Mardie Dalzell Driftmier
25″ x 33″ framed
original pastel

Art Workshop

We are officially offering art workshops at Double Dip Gallery! We have three list going as of now: “Sure Mark” Watercolor, Brush Lettering in Watercolor, Drawing/Sketch all by Tony Segale. We will soon have workshops by our other artists as soon as the schedules are made. To sign up come into Double Dip Gallery at 222 W. Pine Street or give us a call at (209)365-3344. You may also email us at whitney@tonysegale.com, sign up and we will contact you with more information.

River's Dome Tony Segale 44" x 36" framed original watercolor $900

River’s Dome
Tony Segale
44″ x 36″ framed
original watercolor