Custom Photo Pendants

Megan Van Houten is giving Double Dip Gallery friends a great opportunity to immortalize a loved one on a unique and custom made enamel photo pendant. This keepsake is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to hold a piece of a family member or friend close to their heart. You provide the photo and choose a setting, all pictures will be either portrait or landscape, chosen by you.This is a present with meaning given to a close friend or kept as a reminder for yourself of a cherished memory. For more information on pricing and settings call 209-365-3344 or come in (which may make it easier to get a good idea of what we have to offer)to 222 W. Pine Street.

Imagination On Paper


Writing can be a mind melting experience. Grand ideas seem to seep into your brain while in line at a grocery store, but as soon as you sit down with your glass of wine and inspiring music breezing in from the background, you completely forget a single letter you were about to type or write. In need of inspiration? I have found that certain works of art can inspire in me great tales, it can be as simple as being bored, deciding to take a walk, seeing an interesting store front, walking in, and finding a piece of art that calls to you. It doesn’t have to be a painting you would hang over your fireplace, it actually does not even need to be something you understand, but once in a while it is a painting of a dream you swear you once walked into. Discovering art is in form discovering a part of yourself. You can share the experience of course with comments on what you like or do not like, but even better than that you can take a trip down the road of your imagination, learning new aspects of your personality you didn’t even know were there, or you can come upon a fantastic idea you came up with months ago and completely forgot about until a certain shading of a watercolor leaf brings it back to the forefront of your mind. Art is what you make it, art can mean many specific and different subjects to many different and unique people. Take some time to walk through the Gallery taking what you want from each painting you gaze in to, creating a story of sorts, your own way in your own mind, just for you. A great escape, a gallery can be.

Brush Lettering & Watercolor Workshop with Tony Segale-October 20, 21 & 22, 2015

 Participants in this workshop will learn how to handle a brush for lettering, and develop the skills to render the three basic lettering styles–sans serif, roman and script. After practice and understanding of ‘swinging the brush’, we will use that skill in the painting of a watercolor.
Tony has been practiced in brush lettering and calligraphy for over 30 years, and will provide paper and paint to practice the letter strokes. Bring your own watercolor supplies and paper for your watercolor painting. If you are new to watercolors, a list of basic materials will be given to you, just let Tony know. More information on our Classes page on or you can come in to 222 W. Pine Street.


Platt Pottery by Suzanne Platt

Double Dip Gallery is pleased to announce that we have a new line of pottery by one of our loyal and gifted workshop & ice cream participates that has turned into a fellow artist here in the Gallery. Suzanne Platt has graced us with her functional art that can be used for decor but also can be useful; in the bathroom holding make-up brushes, in the living room with a little potpourri to keep the place smelling fresh, or as a candle holder in the bedroom. In her own words…

Why I Choose Pottery by Suzanne Platt

Stillness as my mind imagines a new idea.

Happiness as a new piece begins.

A journey to understanding myself as I move through the process.

Something solid that I can hold in my hands.

Wonder & surprise every time I open the kiln.

and it is joy when others appreciate something I have made.

“It’s All About Preparation” Watercolor Workshop with Tony Segale

“It’s All About Preparation”
Watercolor Workshop
with Tony Segale
September 22,23, & 24, 2015
Have you started a painting to suddenly find yourself in a pickle, areas
overworked, wrong value, shape, direction? Perhaps a bit of preparation is in
Participants in this workshop will develop an understanding of design principles, plan
an attack before sneaking up on the watercolor paper, survey the
value areas and courageously express your intentions with color.Students will be
able to create three different styles of watercolor paintings in an open and fun
Tony has been a professional artist since 1983. His commercial work includes logo
design, hand lettered signs, reverse glass gold leaf, pictorials and large murals.
Tony began painting watercolors in 1998, creating color studies for commercial
projects. Willing to sing his own song, his fine art designs express his own feeling
of what he feels ought to be. Tony has been accepted into local, state and
international exhibitions, earning several fine art awards. Considering himself a
perpetual student of art, Tony envisions creating a world apart from photo
realism into the realm of his imagination. He shares his skills and freedom with
fellow students of the arts who participate in his workshops.

$250 for a three day workshop. Bring a friend and you both receive a 10%
registration dis
If you have any questions, email or
call (209) 642-0009.

Pups Appreciate Art Too (or maybe just the ice cream samples spilled on the floor)


Double Dip Gallery is an animal friendly establishment, we not only love our visits from our regular customers but we appreciate their owners too! We have had a benefit show in the Gallery for Micke Grove Zoo and all the paintings that their little critters have made, and we also will be hosting another benefit show this year representing P.A.L.S of Lodi. If you do not have any other reason other than to shelter yourself and your pups paws from the hot weather, we still invite you and rover in to enjoy the art and MORE then likely you will also be enjoying a fruit freeze or ice cream cone. Our policy here is, if you spill, the doggies get to sample their own taste of mint chip ice cream or butter brickle.

Pastel Workshop with Mardie Driftmier

Pastel Workshop with Mardie Driftmier
Studying land and sky with the masters: JMW Turner and George Inness Sr.
August 11,12,and 13th

$250 per participant plus a 10% bring a friend discount ($225 each)

This class will explore chalk pastel technique, composition and color through the interpretation of works by two of my favorite artists – JMW Turner and George Inness Sr.


Basic set of chalk pastels – Rembrandt is an affordable brand to start with. I also use Unison which are pricier but the colors are unbelievable. Jerry’s Artarama online has great prices.

2 Pastel Papers : preferably sanded around 12” x 16” or so. If you do not have a favorite pastel paper, I will have a variety of my favorite pastel papers available for you at cost. I will also demo how to make your own sanded pastel paper. You will need a piece of watercolor paper or gator board to make your sanded paper. This is optional.

Wear old clothes. Many people wear aprons. Pastels are dusty.

I will provide fixatives, nitrile gloves , charcoal, pumice and inspiration!