“It’s All About Preparation” Watercolor Workshop with Tony Segale

“It’s All About Preparation”
Watercolor Workshop
with Tony Segale
September 22,23, & 24, 2015
Have you started a painting to suddenly find yourself in a pickle, areas
overworked, wrong value, shape, direction? Perhaps a bit of preparation is in
Participants in this workshop will develop an understanding of design principles, plan
an attack before sneaking up on the watercolor paper, survey the
value areas and courageously express your intentions with color.Students will be
able to create three different styles of watercolor paintings in an open and fun
Tony has been a professional artist since 1983. His commercial work includes logo
design, hand lettered signs, reverse glass gold leaf, pictorials and large murals.
Tony began painting watercolors in 1998, creating color studies for commercial
projects. Willing to sing his own song, his fine art designs express his own feeling
of what he feels ought to be. Tony has been accepted into local, state and
international exhibitions, earning several fine art awards. Considering himself a
perpetual student of art, Tony envisions creating a world apart from photo
realism into the realm of his imagination. He shares his skills and freedom with
fellow students of the arts who participate in his workshops.

$250 for a three day workshop. Bring a friend and you both receive a 10%
registration dis
If you have any questions, email tony@tonysegale.com or
call (209) 642-0009.

Pups Appreciate Art Too (or maybe just the ice cream samples spilled on the floor)


Double Dip Gallery is an animal friendly establishment, we not only love our visits from our regular customers but we appreciate their owners too! We have had a benefit show in the Gallery for Micke Grove Zoo and all the paintings that their little critters have made, and we also will be hosting another benefit show this year representing P.A.L.S of Lodi. If you do not have any other reason other than to shelter yourself and your pups paws from the hot weather, we still invite you and rover in to enjoy the art and MORE then likely you will also be enjoying a fruit freeze or ice cream cone. Our policy here is, if you spill, the doggies get to sample their own taste of mint chip ice cream or butter brickle.

Pastel Workshop with Mardie Driftmier

Pastel Workshop with Mardie Driftmier
Studying land and sky with the masters: JMW Turner and George Inness Sr.
August 11,12,and 13th

$250 per participant plus a 10% bring a friend discount ($225 each)

This class will explore chalk pastel technique, composition and color through the interpretation of works by two of my favorite artists – JMW Turner and George Inness Sr.


Basic set of chalk pastels – Rembrandt is an affordable brand to start with. I also use Unison which are pricier but the colors are unbelievable. Jerry’s Artarama online has great prices.

2 Pastel Papers : preferably sanded around 12” x 16” or so. If you do not have a favorite pastel paper, I will have a variety of my favorite pastel papers available for you at cost. I will also demo how to make your own sanded pastel paper. You will need a piece of watercolor paper or gator board to make your sanded paper. This is optional.

Wear old clothes. Many people wear aprons. Pastels are dusty.

I will provide fixatives, nitrile gloves , charcoal, pumice and inspiration!

“Saturday Art Studies” with Tony Segale

“Saturday Art Studies” with Tony Segale
Every Third Saturday Starting August 8, 2015

The series is designed for art students of all levels, and will cover the various tools and techniques relevant to creating art.
The first set of classes will begin with drawing and sketching, then move into calligraphy in brush lettering, then watercolor painting, followed by acrylic painting and finally gold leaf techniques.
The intent of the series is to provide art studies to those who are not available to take a three day class during the middle of the week, which usually only targets one specific art technique.

While some students find less interest in drawing compared to watercolor or acrylic painting, or visa versa, the serious student finds how each media teaches and assists in another media.
You may absolutely pay as you go, the maximum amount of students at a time is ten, and the hours will be from 9am to 1pm. The series of classes will meet every third week, so the first is August 8, followed by one on August 29. Future dates will be available as soon as the series gets underway.

Shop Local

Garden Harvest by Jeannie Vodden

What is one of the best ways you can support and give back to your community? Shop Local! You may already be a die-hard shop local connoisseur, or you may be at the opposite end of the spectrum, believing that big box retailers are the cheapest and easiest way to go. Easy, yes. Cheaper, yes. More than likely the items you are purchasing are “cheaper” as well. The great thing about shopping local, you are not only keeping your tax dollars in your community but you are also getting unique, one of kind, better quality products. You can easily go get a low-priced bottle of olive oil, or you can go get a good priced bottle of olive oil made in your town and presented to you based on your taste, your choice. You can go hit up a chain store to receive a less than satisfying cup of ice cream or you can have a new experience by walking into an Art Gallery and also walking out with a scoop of freshly made ice cream, I had to put that example in there ;). Personally, My favorite way to shop local is by visiting our local clothing boutiques, I know that I will find something that suits my style, and more than likely I am not going to run into five different women on the way out wearing the exact same thing. Lodi is coming around to making our community, one that can keep up with the shop local theme. Down town in particular has everything from cheese stores to jewelry shops, and in the summer has our amazing Farmers Market, where you can purchase all the fresh fruits and veggies you need to get through the season. If you don’t buy into the shop local society, can you buy into shopping smarter? It is as easy as that, even if it is just one main purchase you get from a local shop instead of big named retailer, then you are still doing your part.

Jeannie’s Romantic Reflections


Double Dip Gallery located at 222 W. Pine Street (across from city hall) is happy to present Jeannie Vodden’s Romantic Reflections Watercolor Exhibition. A peaceful show, full of beauty, and made with so much care and detail, it leaves you wondering if you are looking at the actual image Jeannie was inspired by. You have the chance to meet the wonderful artist and pick her brain with any questions you may have at our First Friday Art Hop, July 10, 2015 from 6pm-8:30pm. This month’s Art Hop is pushed back a week due to Independence Day. If by chance you can not make it to opening night, you still will have the chance to experience Jeannie’s world all through out the month of July.

Michael David Winery Petite Petit Sirah


We have had a hot start to this summer, and it is heating up even more this July. A nice way to cool off is with a cold treat. At Double Dip Galley we have a wide range of ice cream flavors, but a delicious non-dairy choice is our Mon-Petite Petit Sirah Sorbet. We took a local wine and had it specially made by Gunther’s Ice Cream. We have a new batch that was delivered today!

Also we are now lucky to be able to call our Gunther’s Ice Cream the best ice cream in the state of California by Business Insider! It is an honor to receive nation wide recognition for the ice cream we serve.

New Jewelry Line At Double Dip Gallery



Double Dip Gallery has a new local artist to add to our list of wonderfully talented individuals that keep the beauty of the arts alive in Lodi, CA. Megan Van Houten has been gracious enough to present her enamel jewelry line at Double Dip Gallery. Each piece is unique and you can be sure to know that whichever earring set or necklace you put on from Megan’s line, you will be the only person to own that particular style. Creativity, Natural Beauty, and Style of its own, would be the best way to describe Megan Van Houten Enamel.

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is arriving quickly and we know that many of us have such busy life’s that sometimes we can forget what is really important, letting our loved ones know that..we love them. What makes your mother feel special? Is it something a bit fancy like their very own gorgeous piece of artwork? Would they prefer to wear their gift? Could it be something as simple as a comforting tasty treat? Maybe she just needs to hear a appreciative word, but we all know a little gift on the side never hurt anything! Double Dip Gallery is open 7 days a week starting at Noon, we will be available on Mother’s Day for your viewing & tasting pleasure.

Jeannie Vodden’s Open Studio Saturday- April 25, 2015

Jeannie Vodden will be in her element at Double Dip Gallery, bringing you the chance to see how she works up the elegant watercolors everyone admires. Jeannie has a certain romance to her paintings that leaves everyone at awe thinking, “How did she do that?” Now you have the chance to pick her brain and sit back to watch the development of what she does best. We have the pleasure of having Jeannie in the gallery from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, do not miss out on the fantastic opportunity. Double Dip Gallery is located at 222 W. Pine Street, across from city hall.