How an Oops can turn into a HURRAY!

Due to some big projects going on with Tony Segale’s Fine Art & Gold Leaf Sign Co., February’s “Watercolor Energies” workshop is going to be postponed and absorbed into our March “Color Theory” workshop. This is not a bad thing, in fact thanks to custom crafted gold leaf signs, and hand lettered wall signs Tony needs to finish up for his commercial business, you get a chance to clear your schedules and prepare yourself for the educational journey though the world of color and how to properly use them with watercolor as your media. Remember to sign up with us either by coming into the gallery, calling us at 209-365-3344, or mailing us a deposit (222 W. Pine Street, Lodi CA) to save your spot. You can also email us at to make sure you a have a reserved spot. Reservations are very important when it comes to our workshops, and being prepared to give you the first-class experience you are signing up for.


February 23-25 “Watercolor Energies” watercolor with Tony Segale


“Watercolor Energies”

Watercolor Workshop with Tony Segale

February 23, 24, & 25, 2016

Double Dip Gallery

222 W. Pine St., Lodi


Participants in this workshop will bring their own muse in the form of a photo, and sketch out each detail before putting the brush to the paper. Feel the energy of the watercolor run through your bones as you press the tip of water with swirls of color onto the sturdy canvas before you.

Tony has been a professional artist since 1983. His commercial work includes logo design, hand lettered signs, reverse glass gold leaf, pictorials and large murals. Tony began painting watercolors in 1998, creating color studies for commercial projects. Willing to sing his own song, his fine art designs express his own feeling of what he feels ought to be. Tony has been accepted into local, state and international exhibitions, earning several fine art awards. Considering himself a perpetual student of art, Tony envisions creating a world apart from photo realism into the realm of his imagination. He shares his skills and freedom with fellow students of the arts who participate in his workshops.

$250 for a three day workshop. Bring a friend and you both receive a 10% registration discount. If you have any questions, email or call (209) 642-0009.

January In The Gallery


Creativity is the passion of the soul.

Jewels & Transcendent Ideas


Our first exhibition for 2016 is a true expression
of an artist’s passion for creativity.
Two jewelry artisans, skilled at their craft,
display pieces of unique quality:
Allison Lynn Couture of Honolulu,
and Megan Van Houten of Lodi.
Their dazzling display is coupled
with an expressive abstract painting exhibit
by Tony Segale.


Tony Segale’s
Double Dip Gallery
222 West Pine Street (209) 365-3344
Jewels & Transcendent Ideas
will be on display from Jan 8 thru Feb 14.

2016 Calendar of Exhibitions and more…
can be found on our website
and look for more announcements during the year, as the Double Dip Gallery has more special events and workshops currently in the planning process. Something to delight all your senses!

Flavor of the Month
Gunther’s Ice Cream has created a brand new flavor for the month of January,
Caramel Almond Berry… chocolate covered blueberries, cherries and cranberries mixed with a carmel swirl in toasted almond ice cream. What a way to start of the new year, see you soon!

Important Facts About The Holidays at Double Dip Gallery


DDG Apron1

December is the month of the “Busy Bee-ness”, alright so that might not actually be a term, but we just made it one. Running around trying to get traveling arrangements cleared, figure out how many extra bodies are going to be roaming around your living space, and desperately searching for a gift that your fellow companion will not hate and might actually love. Thankfully for you Double Dip Gallery has some fun facts to help ease the holiday storm going on in your head right now, first thing you should know…
10AM- 3PM
Why is this important? FOR MANY REASONS! You know all those extra extended family members just hanging out not knowing what to do with themselves while everyone else prepares dinner? SEND THEM OUR WAY. We have a world of all kinds of art for them to discover in this little town of Lodi. Remember how there is always something, someone forgot for the meal…like lets say..dessert? Double Dip Gallery offers HAND PACKED ice cream to take home and serve in the comfort of your own home. Need a bit of a breather, maybe some silence, or just a mood adjuster? You can sneak out to grab a cone and stare into a watercolor painting by Tony Segale, try to figure out what the artist was thinking and feeling while painting such a serene scene like the image above of Tony’s “Escape After Dawn”.

Going on from today 12/15 thru Christmas, Double Dip Gallery’s Vintage Arcane Collection will offer a 20% discount on all its items.
If you would like to give the gift of ice cream but do not want to deal with the mess of a melted cone in the little ones stockings, then you can come grab a roll of Double Dip Gallery Wooden Dollars instead, the equivalent of a gift card.

Gunther’s Egg Nog

It has been a whirlwind of egg nog believers snatching up our egg nog as soon as it makes it to the shop, if you know that you will be in need of a few bottles of egg nog please let us know so we can sign you up on our list.

Twelve Activities and Gifts for Christmas

Twelve Activities and Gifts for Christmas
Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery
hereby declares
there are twelve activities and gifts
you should not miss this Christmas.
Here they are:
Number 1 – 20th Annual Parade of Lights
Thursday, December 3
Starting at 6:17pm
Downtown Lodi
We will be open and offer
hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider,
milkshakes, ice cream and sundaes,
all available for purchase until 30 minutes,
or more, after the parade ends.








Number 2 – First Friday Art Hop, Dec 4
Visit at least eight different galleries
with original works of fine art including
Lodi Community Art Center,
Nava & Co, School Street Gallery,
Thomas Theatre Gallery, Lodi Public Library,
Daniel Barilla Fine Art Gallery,
McKinley’s Frame Shop,
bSharp School of Music and
Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery.
Stop by or call for directions
(209) 365-3344
We will be happy
to guide you in the right direction!





Number 3 – Free Wagon Rides
All Season’s Carriage Company
will be roaming Downtown Lodi
Saturday, Dec 5
Sunday, Dec 6
Saturday, Dec 12
Saturday, Dec 19
Sunday, Dec 20

The FREE wagon rides are courtesy of
the following Downtown Lodi Businesses:

Fashion Safari
Burton Shoes
Dermal Clinic
Danz Jewelers
Texture Salon
Lodi Beer Company
Porter’s Pub
Minerva’s Furniture
Thornton House Furniture
Kristin & Co.
Weibel Family Vineyards
Double Dip Gallery
and Dora Roth

Feel free to hop on at the
Double Dip Gallery
222 West Pine St.









Number 4 – Gunther’s Egg Nog
Christmas without egg nog
is like winter with more sunshine,
and nobody makes
fresh egg nog better
than Gunther’s.
Stop in, try a sample
and make sure to place your order
for how many quarts you want for the holidays.
Orders are recommended because
it sells out so fast, it is hard to keep in stock!








Number 5 – Wooden Dollar Stocking Stuffers
Every girl and boy
has a Christmas dream
to receive their favorite toy
or a scoop of Gunther’s Ice Cream.
Stockings stuffed with
Double Dip Gallery Wooden Dollars
lets a child pick their favorite flavor
with a hoot and hollar!







Number 6 – Hand Crafted Jewelry
Two beautiful jewelry lines
are displayed in our cases.
Megan Van Houten of Lodi
crafts eye catching enameled works,
and Allison Lynn Couture of Honolulu
unique wire and stone creations
are one of a kind gifts for that special someone.





Number 7 – Art Workshops

2016 Calendar of Workshops
is listed on our website.
Watercolor, brush lettering,
drawing or sketch,
abstract and acrylic painting
classes are available
for art students of all levels.

And new in 2016,
Wednesday Night Demos.
The Third Wednesday
of each month (almost)
you will be able to see
an art demonstration
in different mediums or techniques.

To reserve a spot in a future workshop
check the 2016 schedule here







Number 8 – Blown Glass Ornaments
Blown Glass Holiday Ornaments that have the kind of beauty that you can keep up all year long. Perfect for the Christmas tree, but just as lovely hanging from a window that gets the most sun during the day, the rays will shine through the ornaments leaving a bright pattern of color for you to gaze into. Did we mention how meaningful a unique gift can be to a loved one?







Number 9 – Original Fine Art by Tony Segale

New original watercolors are on display,
many created this year
here in the gallery!
(You may have caught a glimpse of Tony
through the windows in 2015).






Number 10 – Vintage Gifts from the Arcane Collection
Double Dip Gallery has our own
Arcane Collection
that caters directly to the lovers of all things retro,
nostalgic, and for those of you
who just like the look of the past
to the trends of the present.
A gift for a friend or a gift to your own home,
you can not go wrong.





Number 11 -pottery by Suzanne Platt and miniature paintings by Christine Leach
Suzanne Platt’s hand made pottery
Christine Leach miniature paintings
are wonderful gems for the gift giver this holiday season.
Pick and choose which style fits your need
for each person on your checklist.
We can not express enough how grand
a gesture it is to give a gift
that you know is one of kind.






Number 12 – Gunther’s Ice Cream
Christmastime Flavors like:
Rum Raisin
Egg Nog
Peppermint Stick
Old World Spumoni
Pistachio Nut
while they last,
plus all your other favorites.

And the Double Dip Gallery
is the only place
where you can taste and enjoy
Michael David Winery’s
Petite Petit Sirah Sorbet!

Hand packed
pints and quarts,
phone ahead
for your pickup orders
(209) 365-3344

Thank you
for your support
this last 22 months.

We wish you a very
Merry Christmas
from Tony Segale’s
Double Dip Gallery
222 West Pine St.

Custom Photo Pendants

Megan Van Houten is giving Double Dip Gallery friends a great opportunity to immortalize a loved one on a unique and custom made enamel photo pendant. This keepsake is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to hold a piece of a family member or friend close to their heart. You provide the photo and choose a setting, all pictures will be either portrait or landscape, chosen by you.This is a present with meaning given to a close friend or kept as a reminder for yourself of a cherished memory. For more information on pricing and settings call 209-365-3344 or come in (which may make it easier to get a good idea of what we have to offer)to 222 W. Pine Street.

Imagination On Paper


Writing can be a mind melting experience. Grand ideas seem to seep into your brain while in line at a grocery store, but as soon as you sit down with your glass of wine and inspiring music breezing in from the background, you completely forget a single letter you were about to type or write. In need of inspiration? I have found that certain works of art can inspire in me great tales, it can be as simple as being bored, deciding to take a walk, seeing an interesting store front, walking in, and finding a piece of art that calls to you. It doesn’t have to be a painting you would hang over your fireplace, it actually does not even need to be something you understand, but once in a while it is a painting of a dream you swear you once walked into. Discovering art is in form discovering a part of yourself. You can share the experience of course with comments on what you like or do not like, but even better than that you can take a trip down the road of your imagination, learning new aspects of your personality you didn’t even know were there, or you can come upon a fantastic idea you came up with months ago and completely forgot about until a certain shading of a watercolor leaf brings it back to the forefront of your mind. Art is what you make it, art can mean many specific and different subjects to many different and unique people. Take some time to walk through the Gallery taking what you want from each painting you gaze in to, creating a story of sorts, your own way in your own mind, just for you. A great escape, a gallery can be.