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Segale’s Double Dip Gallery is constantly buzzing with new events, workshops, and exhibits. For more information on any of the listings below, please contact the gallery at (209) 365-3344 or

If you’re interested in art classes specifically, please visit our Art Workshops page.

Watercolor Class with Tony Segale

Every Thursday, 10am – 4pm

Meet with artistic peers once a week and work independently on your own watercolor projects! Includes demos from Tony Segale and group critiques, this class is perfect for the intermediate to expert water color painter looking to fine tune their work and grow as an artist. Space is limited, contact Tony if you’re interested in joining.

2019 Events Schedule

January 4 – February 27: Special Exhibition – Original Watercolors by Henry Fukuhara

February 1 – April 3  Waters of the West Exhibition by Tony Segale

February 22 – 24: Three Day Art Workshop – Fog, Rain, & Winter’s Reflection with Tony Segale

March 1 – March 31: The Mask Maker Exhibition by Emily Hastings

March 9: One Day Art Workshop – Watercolor Beginnings with Tony Segale

March 12: One Day Art Workshop – Exploring Watercolor with Jeannie Vodden

April 5 – June 5: A Transcendent Season Exhibition by Tony Segale

April 12 – 14: Three Day Art Workshop – Watercolor Portrait Beginnings with Jeannie Vodden

May 3 – May 24: Living Together in a Diverse Community Exhibition

May 10 – 12: Three Day Art Workshop – Elements of Abstract Watercolor with Tony  Segale

June 7 – July 2: Lodi Reflections Exhibition by Tony Segale

June 14 – 16: Three Day Art Workshop – Glorious Floral with Jeannie Vodden

July 5 – September 4: Double Secret Impressions Exhibition by Jeannie Vodden and Tony Segale

July 20: Lecture & Workshop with Tony Segale & Jeannie Vodden

August 2 – October 2: Secret Garden Musings Exhibition by Jeannie Vodden

August 10: Ice Cream Social to benefit The Lodi Historical Society

September 6 – October 30: Retrospective Exhibition by Barbara Plowman

October 4 – December 4: Women of Watercolor Exhibition by Double Dip’s Students

October 11 – 13: Three Day Art Workshop – Watercolor Steampunk Fun with Jeannie Vodden

November 1 – January 1: Exhibition TBD

December 6 – February 5: Exhibition TBD

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