Current Exhibitions: Kelli Perrault

“ Kelli is a self-taught graphic designer and digital artist. She enjoys channeling her love of houseplants, humor, feminist pop culture and retro design styles into her art. When not making art, Kelli can be found adequately mothering her two daughters, taking walks while listening to podcasts, or wondering if her back pain is because of how she slept last night or just because she’s in her thirties now.”

June Featured Artist: Geneva Mello

About the Artist: 

Geneva Mello is a third generation Lodi resident. She received her BFA in Studio  Art at University of the Pacific, and continued her education at California State  University, Fresno where she earned her MA in Art in 2010. Her paintings are often  inspired by myths, archetypes, dream imagery, and nostalgia, tying in bits of her Central  Valley heritage through references to agriculture, the local landscape, and her own  family. When she isn’t painting, Geneva enjoys spending time with her family, traveling,  and working in the community with the Lodi Rotary Club. 

“Nymphs & Dryads” Artist Statement: 

Nymphs and Dryads is a series of paintings inspired by the creatures from  classical mythology. Trees and old zinfandel vines are transformed into ambiguous  female figures, stretching out gnarled branches in the midst of transformation. Instead of  creating images of pure fantasy, I’ve tied in references to Lodi’s vineyards, valley oaks,  and the Mokelumne River, adding a little magic to the Central Valley. Painterly strokes,  drips and visible brushwork show elements of energetic transformation and mystery.
Contact Geneva Mello 209-607-2841,,

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