Art Hop

A vibrant community event celebrating art!

The Art Hop is BACK! And better than ever!
Stop by on the FIRST Saturday of every month, at participating locations from 2:00pm-5:00pm, to see local artist and musicians!

July 2022 Feature: Kelli Perrault

About the Artist: 

“ Kelli is a self-taught graphic designer and digital artist. She enjoys channeling her love of houseplants, humor, feminist pop culture and retro design styles into her art. When not making art, Kelli can be found adequately mothering her two daughters, taking walks while listening to podcasts, or wondering if her back pain is because of how she slept last night or just because she’s in her thirties now.”



Artists wishing to exhibit their art at a First Friday Art Hop are asked to contact one of the locations above. Businesses wishing to participate as an Art Hop venue please contact Stacey 

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